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Riding the Vintage Electric, a new e-bike inspired by Carroll Shelby's cars

The Vintage Electric e-bike truly feels like one of a kind, but does it live up to its name -- and its $7,200 price tag?

Vintage Electric's new Shelby e-bike is one of a kind and only 300 examples will be sold. Inspired by Carroll Shelby's automotive legacy, this e-bike pays homage to those cars through its design and performance, though it definitely comes at a price.

This has to be one of the best-looking e-bikes out there, with lots of Shelby throwback cues. And with its top speed of 36 mph in Race Mode -- pretty fast for an e-bike -- it's an awesome thing to have on a curvy, open road.

The caveat? The Shelby e-bike costs just over $7,200, and with Race Mode, you're looking at $7,400. That's pretty expensive for an e-bike; people can buy decent used cars for that kind of money.

So, is the bike worth its price, and does it live up to the Shelby name? Watch the video above as I take it for a spin to find out.