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Reserve a VinFast EV for $200, get $4,800 towards the final purchase price and an NFT

You'll get "free money" towards the final purchase price if you pull the trigger on the newborn Vietnamese car brand, the company announced at CES 2022.

VinFast VF e35 and e36
These are the first two cars VinFast plans to sell in the US.

VinFast, the latest startup automaker with roots planted in Vietnam, is nearly ready to sell cars in America. But, before production lines start humming, it's opening reservation books. On Monday, the startup announced reservations for its first two electric vehicles, the VF e35, a midsize SUV, and VF 36, a large SUV, on Jan. 5. The reservation process coincides with a CES 2022 presentation, which includes the company's blockchain technology that will find its way to numerous areas of the VinFast ordering and ownership ecosystem.

However, the real draw is the "deal," so to speak, that VinFast will advertise. US customers that place a reservation will need to pay a $200 refundable deposit. When it's time to actually place an order, the startup will provide a credit towards the final purchase price for up to $5,000. For the VF e36, it's the $5,000 figure, and for the VF e35, it's $3,000. Subtract the $200 and buyers are left with a $4,800 or $2,800 credit on VinFast.

The company will also give reservation holders an exclusive NFT as part of a blockchain wallet and membership to a club the company calls "Pioneer's Gratitude to Pioneers." Whatever that means. 

VinFast's efforts have been commendable thus far with major investments in production, engineering and testing facilities. The company operates a factory in Hai Phong and purchased General Motors' former Vietnamese factory in 2017. It also bought GM's Holden division's retired Lang Lang Proving Ground in Australia in 2020, though the site is once again for sale.

As for the two SUVs production schedule, assembly lines should fire up late this year.

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