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Vin Diesel is, perhaps unsurprisingly, Dodge's new spokesman

At the very least, he's a bit more interesting than those two guys cosplaying as the Dodge brothers.

Dodge's latest nightmarish creation, the 9-second Challenger SRT Demon, is a staple in "The Fate of the Furious," so it shouldn't come as a surprise when one of the movie's biggest actors ends up as a spokesman for the automaker.

Vin Diesel is the latest spokesman to tout Dodge's performance products. He's going to be the face of Dodge's new ad campaign, "The Brotherhood of Muscle." In addition to the commercials embedded in this article, Diesel will lend his skills to additional television and social media spots.

Diesel was also present for the release of the Dodge Demon at the New York Auto Show earlier this month. Wiz Khalifa was there, too, but odds are Dodge would prefer that their advertisements not consist entirely of weed smoking, which is primarily what Khalifa brings to the table (he toked up during the Demon unveiling, no joke).

Dodge's ad spots go beyond the Demon, though. The first three commercials see Diesel behind the wheel of a Challenger SRT Hellcat, a Charger SRT Hellcat and a Durango R/T, all three of which come with some proper V8 engines.