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Video: Green is for Go with Leno's E85 C6RS 'Vette

A little corn can go a long way.


Comedian Jay Leno is known for his coveted collection of performance cars, but here is one Leno's babies that had eyebrows raising all over the SEMA show here in Las Vegas. This Pratt & Miller-designed road rocket come with an 8.2-liter engine--that's 1.2-liters more displacement than the "regular" competition Corvette CR.6 on which it's based. Not only is it equipped with a T-56 six-speed transmission, Arvin Meritor dynamic ride control suspension, and a K&N air filter with carbon-fiber ram air induction, it also has a Dewitt high-capacity aluminum radiator with dual cooling fans, a Corsa performance exhaust, and a Brembo GT brake package.

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And, not only is it adorned with carbon fiber accents, a modified C6R-inspired front fascia, BBS-sourced 18-inch front and 19-inch rear wheels, widened front and rear quarters, and C6R LED tail lights....and not only does it have all this, plus a custom designed instrument panel, steering wheel, and gear shifter....It is also an E85 flex-fuel vehicle that means it can be run almost entirely on corn.