Victorious German Greens want to end sky's-the-limit speed on the autobahn

The Green party in German state Baden-Wuerttemberg wants to limit autobahn speeds to 75 mph as a way of reducing CO2 emissions.

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It's like banning high school football in Texas, surfing in Hawaii, or gambling in Nevada: The new party in power in the German state that's home to Porsche and Mercedes-Benz wants to impose speed limits on highways.

Last week Germany's Green party won an election in Baden-Wuerttemberg on a platform that includes a speed limit of 75 mph to help reduce vehicle emissions. On German autobahns without speed limits, 75 won't get you out of the slow lane.

About 65 percent of the state's highways currently have no speed limit, Bloomberg reported.

"Traffic in Baden-Wuerttemberg contributes about 30 percent to CO2 emissions," Winfried Kretschmann, who will become the Greens' first state premier, said on the party's Web site. "It's clear that the transportation sector has to make a contribution of its own to reduce this gas that's harmful to the environment."

Stuttgart-based Porsche wouldn't comment on the elections. Its neighbor, Daimler, maker of Mercedes cars and trucks, supports high speeds.

"The fact that our cars are built for high speeds is an important argument in other countries for buying them," Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche told Stern magazine. "We're well advised to maintain the autobahn sections that don't have a speed limit."

(Source: Automotive News)

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