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Veyron Grand Sport has unorthodox umbrella top

Bugatti's new Veyron Grand Sport has an unorthodox, but clever solution to fitting its emergency soft top.

When owners of Bugatti's freshly revealed uber-car, the Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport, want to get some sunshine, they have to leave the removable polycarbonate hard top at home. But what happens in the event of sudden rain? Surely, Bugatti's engineers don't expect the world's motoring elite to futz around in the rain with a fabric top? As it turns out they do, but with a clever solution fitting a removable soft top has never been easier.

Stowed in the trunk (which, on the mid-engine Veyron, is located up front), the soft top opens and functions similar to an umbrella, complete with a center tube and handle, which the driver can carry back to the cockpit with one hand. Upon entering the vehicle, the driver attaches fasteners to the front and back locking the soft top in place, all from under the protection of the umbrella top's canopy.

You can see how it works near the end of the video below. You'll probably want to turn down the volume as the weird organ music in the background is pretty obnoxious.