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Verne Troyer got a 'Tesla' for Christmas and it's amazing

It's not exactly a P100D, but he's still plenty excited about it.

Verne Troyer, probably best known as Mini-Me in the "Austin Powers" movie franchise, is an avid video maker and Redditor. And now, he's a Tesla owner... sort of.

Troyer's latest video on YouTube is all about his new Tesla. But it's not a P100D or anything like that. It's the Radio Flyer Tesla Model S for Kids, a scaled-down electric car that stays true to the original model's design. It has a top speed of 6 mph, a 3.5-hour charge time and a 3.5-mm audio input so you can play music through its built-in speakers.  

The video follows Troyer as he unboxes his new Tesla, cleaning it off and reading through the instructions. He points out that, at 48 years old, he's a bit past the recommended age range for the Tesla, but it's a perfect fit otherwise. He even does a few little burnouts at the beginning, proof that electric motors bring the torque no matter how big or small they are. Can't imagine those plastic tires would smell too good once they start roasting, though.

At a suggested retail price of $499, the Tesla Model S for Kids isn't as expensive as the full-size model, but relatively speaking, it's still pricey. But as Verne Troyer and Roadshow both know, the size is irrelevant as long as you're having a good time driving it.