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Tom Drew

Vera-no more: Buick allegedly killing off its smallest sedan

Once the current Verano has run its course, it apparently won't be replaced because drivers are more into crossovers.

Good night, sweet prince. Maybe. Probably. Let's be honest here.


I've heard people wonder aloud why, if crossovers are the new hotness, automakers even bother with sedans anymore. But while lifted hatchbacks are being sold in droves, sedans are still quite popular -- unless you stop offering them. It looks like Buick's taking that route, sadly. It's allegedly putting the Verano out to pasture as buyers keep moving towards utility vehicles.

The Verano won't be refreshed after the current model runs its course, according to Automotive News, which cites "a company source" and "another person familiar with the plans." This should happen at the end of the 2017 model year.

This alleged departure is not without good reason. Automotive News points out that 70 percent of Buick's US sales are crossovers. And while a new LaCrosse sedan is on the way, that likely won't make the market any less hungry for crossovers. It's not the end of the Verano, however. A new-look model was rolled out in China last year, but Automative News' source says it won't be coming to the US. Buick declined to comment.

While the Verano might not be Buick's best seller, it's not exactly languishing on lots. According to, Buick sold 31,886 Veranos last year. While that's admirable, it's nearly 12,000 units fewer than 2014, and its best year ever was 2013. Buick's on course to sell about as many this year as it did last year.