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Used car shopping? Check out these 2020 Black Friday used car deals

Black Friday is a little different this year amid the coronavirus pandemic, but there are still sweet deals to be had -- even on used cars.

Shockingly good deals to be had on the Bolt EV, folks.

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New cars are expensive, no matter which way you cut it. The average new vehicle's price was on the rise even before the coronavirus pandemic caused a supply crunch, which sent new car prices even higher. When times are tough, Americans give used cars a really good look, and with good reason. Many times, the vehicles provide the same features and technology at far lower prices.

And used cars aren't excluded from the numerous savings that occur on for Black Friday. iSeeCars sorted through 300,000 used vehicles from the 2015-2019 model years as of last week to get a pretty good idea of the best used car deals for Black Friday. On average, dealerships are ready to shave off $1,200 from a used car's asking price, but scroll down below to see all of the best deals in greater detail.

Chevrolet Bolt EV

If you want to go electric, the Bolt EV is a sweet deal.


The Chevy Bolt EV is a good little electric car. It's not super-fancy inside, but it's a bit of a range champ for the price, considering the $35,000 Tesla Model 3 doesn't exist any longer. Already, used Bolt EVs are really affordable. As in, low-mile examples cost $15,000 in some cases. If you want to take on the electric lifestyle, this is a great opportunity with the average discount hovering at $1,901.

Nissan Versa

Cheap wheels.


There's good news and bad news for the used Nissan Versa deals out there. The good news is the Versa is very, very affordable with low-mileage cars that cost around $12,000. The bad news is this isn't the current-generation Versa that looks a whole lot better and comes with a lot more equipment. But, for those looking for a steal on a nearly new car, the Versa isn't the worst choice. The study shows average savings on the compact sedan around $1,000. If we had to pick a Versa here at Roadshow, the Versa Note is a lot better looking and doesn't cost much more.

Toyota Sienna

Go home with a swagger wagon for Black Friday.


Americans may be obsessed with SUVs, but you know what? There is nothing like a good minivan to haul lots of people, cargo and anything in between. The Toyota Sienna is a solid choice, and data shows used examples sit at dealership lots with an average savings of $1,800. Lower-mileage 2019 models still cost around $30,000, but if you dip a couple years backward, 2017 models are far more affordable in the mid- to lower $20,000 range. And Toyota is well known for strong residual values, which makes a used example a smart buy.

Kia Forte

More affordable transportation at your service.

Manuel Carrillo III/Roadshow

Look, the Kia Forte isn't going to snap any necks, but it's a solid machine. It's also very affordable with certified 2019 models going for under $15,000. It's a lot of car (and peace of mind) for the price with a certified pre-owned warranty attached. Data shows dealers on average are ready to slash about $900 off the price of a used Forte, so definitely shop around for the best deal locally.

Nissan Sentra

Another solid compact car choice for affordable transportation.


The Nissan Sentra, arguably, fell from grace in this generation of car, but it's not a bad car. A Civic or Corolla will probably serve you better, but data shows the Sentra is eligible for just over $900 in savings. In fact, this sportier SR model shown above can be had for around $15,000. Something a little more pedestrian? $12,000. Plus, you can enjoy some "slow car, fast" action wringing a Sentra SR out for all it's got.

Toyota Prius

A good deal for the frugal-minded driver.

Nick Miotke/Roadshow

The Toyota Prius is a good car overshadowed by lots of hybrid SUVs on sale today. For Black Friday, data shows the hybrid is around $1,200 cheaper on average when searching for pre-owned models. While super-low-mile units are a little harder to come by, they're still on the affordable side, with a 2017 Prius costing under $20,000. Plus, you're looking at up to 58 miles per gallon in the city with this quirky little car.

Kia Soul

Quirky and affordable.

Antuan Goodwin/Roadshow

Everyone's favorite square-ish vehicle associated with dancing hamsters is yet another car eligible for some of the best Black Friday savings on the used car market. The Kia Soul remains a great car, whether you like the looks or not. It's spacious for its size and, let's face it, a lot of people really love the quirkiness the Soul brings. Examples with pretty low miles are super affordable, like $13,000 for a 2017 model, but the average savings available to buyers sits at just over $800 more.

Toyota Corolla

A staple of affordable cars.


For some, it doesn't get better than a Toyota Corolla. It's a car that helped turn Toyota into the behemoth it is today in the US, and for millions of drivers, a simple Corolla is everything they need -- and there's no harm in that. Used models are a little all over the place with prices, but in a good way. In a quick search of local inventory, it was tough to find an expensive used Corolla between the 2015-2019 model years, and $15,000 seems like a fair average. Data shows these cars are ripe for another $960 off for Black Friday.

Dodge Grand Caravan

Not the fanciest thing, but it gets the job done.


Fiat Chrysler essentially turned its modern minivan plans over to the Chrysler brand with the Pacifica, but yes, the Dodge Grand Caravan still exists. In fact, you can still buy a new one today, though that will change very shortly with its upcoming demise. Instead, check out a used model, which can be very affordable. A two-year-old Grand Caravan with under 30,000 miles in a quick search sells for under $17,000, and data shows dealers are ready to take $1,000 off the asking price.

Nissan Altima

Yep, even a new-generation sedan is ripe for a good deal.

Juan Garzon / CNET

The Nissan Altima may be one of the best deals included simply because a 2019 model falls into the sedan's latest generation with all the new bells and whistles. There's no guarantee it receives the same $1,000 savings as a slightly older model (remember, this data goes back to 2015 model year vehicles), but we spotted a few of them under $20,000 already.

Best Black Friday used car deals

Rank Vehicle % Savings $ Savings
1 Chevy Bolt EV 10.10% $1,901
2 Nissan Versa 8.90% $984
3 Toyota Sienna 7.80% $1,882
4 Kia Forte 7.50% $914
5 Nissan Sentra 7.20% $933
6 Toyota Prius 7% $1,274
7 Kia Soul 6.80% $868
8 Toyota Corolla 6.70% $967
9 Dodge Grand Caravan 6.60% $1,079
10 Nissan Altima 6.50% $1,032

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