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Use OnStar for a chance to win a new GM vehicle

General Motors is giving away 10 new vehicles to sweepstakes contestants who register through OnStar by May 31, 2011.

Suzanne Ashe
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Suzanne Ashe
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General Motors

General Motors is giving a vehicle each to 10 winners of the PushOn sweepstakes. Contestants need to register through OnStar by May 31, 2011, to win a new Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac models.

The sweepstakes rules allow anyone with a digital OnStar-equipped vehicle--regardless of whether they are a current OnStar subscribe--can enter to win by pressing the blue OnStar button. The eligibility doesn't include fleet vehicles (such as rental or media fleets), only personal vehicles, the company said.

An alternative way to register for the sweepstakes is to send in a hand-written postcard. Details of the contest rules, and registration information can be found on the OnStar Web site or the OnStar Facebook fan page.

Unfortunately, the new Chevy Volt isn't part of the program and won't be available to sweepstakes winners as a prize.

According to OnStar, since 1996, OnStar Advisers have answered 346 million button pushes, responded to more than 160,000 vehicle crashes, unlocked more than 5 million doors remotely, provided 2.6 million subscribers with roadside assistance, and delivered turn-by-turn directions to subscribers more than 70 million times.

"More than 6 million customers currently take advantage of OnStar's advanced technology while they're on the road," said Terry Inch, director of subscriber services. "Yet there are many more drivers out there who may not realize all the award-winning services OnStar offers, like having access to a live advisor at the push of a button or getting monthly e-mails with key information specific to their vehicle that can help them save money."