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Use gestures to control this aftermarket car stereo

Change songs on Pandora with the swipe of a finger on these CD-less aftermarket head units by JVC.

The JVC KD-X40.

JVC will unveil an aftermarket car stereo at CES that you can control with hand gestures.

Audio systems with CD slots are already going the way of the dodo bird, and buttons could be next. JVC will be introducing a CD-less aftermarket head unit that integrates USB-connected iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android smartphones next year.

The base model KD-X40 deck will be priced at $109.95. A higher end KD-X50BT model includes Bluetooth connectivity, and will feature audio streaming on paired BlackBerry, iPhone, or Android phone.

You'll also be able to change songs using a swipe of a finger on the screen, according to CE Outlook. To change the source mode or the equalizer settings trace a "V" or upside down "V" on the screen. The KD-X50BT will retail for $139.

These are the first CD-less head units produced by JVC, and will begin shipping next month. The electronics company believes it's the first to incorporate hand gestures on an aftermarket system.

(Via CE Outlook)