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Unlikely bedfellows: Tesla, Ruby Tuesday enter Supercharger partnership

Good ideas come from strange places sometimes.

Tesla Supercharger

You can already drive from the tip of Florida to Edmonton, Alberta without losing sight of a Supercharger.

Ben Rushton/Getty Images

You wouldn't be faulted for not answering "Ruby Tuesday," when the question on hand is, "Where do Tesla owners like to eat?" Yet, today, the two companies announced a coupling wherein Ruby Tuesday will house new Superchargers. Now, you can grab a burger while charging your Model S, without even leaving the general area.

Superchargers are Tesla's home-brewed solution to DC Fast Chargers. Superchargers can give a Tesla Model S or Model X (or, eventually, a Model 3) about 150 miles of range in 30 minutes. Stick around for a full hour -- about as long as a two-beer lunch may take -- and you're good to go until the next Supercharger.

Ruby Tuesday's first Supercharger is already operational, hanging out in Miner, Missouri. Other locations are currently under consideration or being constructed. Tesla's Supercharger network is vast enough to get you from coast to coast without much in the way of range anxiety, so long as you stick to prescribed routes and don't drive like an insane person.

As with all other Superchargers, drivers will be able to find the Ruby Tuesday units by searching through their cars' navigation systems. They'll be no different from any other Supercharger -- you're not going to get a discount on your crab cake sliders because you have a Tesla charging out back.

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