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Unique Auto Sports: Custom Cars for NFL Stars

Part two of my look at the cars NFL stars drive, I take a look at a customized GMC Yukon being delivered to Bob Sanders of the Indianapolis Colts from the pros at Unique Auto Sports.


It's no secret that a lot of NFL players choose to customize the whips they drive. Apparently, one company that many NFL stars choose to pimp their rides is Unique Auto Sports, a custom car company that even has its own TV show called "Unique Whips". These guys have delivered tricked-out rides to NFL players such as Jericho Cotchery and Larry Johnson, as well as other pop culture icons such as 50 Cent.

This vid gives you a hint of the type of work they do, as this web video depicts the delivery of a custom GMC Yukon to Bob Sanders of the Indianapolis Colts. The wheels are slick, the interior is impeccable, and the quadruple woofer set in the back is breathtaking. I'd really to have a look under the hood, but I guess we'll just have to assume it's as hot as everything we see here. Keep up the good work, Unique!