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Uniden combines a radar detector and a GPS

Uniden's line of Trax GPS devices lets you plug in a Uniden radar detector.

The Trax430 by Uniden is part of the company's new line of GPS devices. Uniden

This idea is so obvious, no one thought of it until now. Uniden is launching a line of interoperable GPS devices and radar detectors. Uniden's Trax line of GPS devices offer standard functionality, such as route guidance, text-to-speech, and either a 3.5- or 4.3-inch screen. The Trax line uses NavTeq maps, and has what Uniden says is the fastest satellite acquisition among its competitors. Uniden's line of radar detectors is the LRD series, which detects X, K, KA, VG2, Laser, Ultralyte Laser L2, and Pro Laser 3 guns. Apparently, you will be able to plug the radar detectors into the navigation units. The GPS display will show detected radar guns complete with its approximate location in relation to the car.

We can imagine a lot of possibilities with a system like this. Each detected radar gun could be logged by the GPS device, so over time you could build up a database of speed traps. If this data could be shared on a Web site, you would end up with a pretty comprehensive database of speed traps. Maybe put into a Google map application? Kind of like the manually created Speed Trap Exchange.

(Source: Automotive.com)