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Unboxing the Garmin Nuvi 1690

Before we can test the Garmin Nuvi 1690, we have to unbox it. Check out the photos and see what's in the box.

Garmin Nuvi 1690 boxed
Antuan Goodwin/CNET

I've been eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Garmin Nuvi 1690. It's sort of a big deal.

As Garmin's second major foray into the world of Internet-connected PNDs and its first model powered by the nuLink data service, the Nuvi 1690 is poised to go head-up with not only our current favorite, the TomTom Go 740 Live, but also with the whole world of smartphone turn-by-turn apps.

But before I can test it, I have to open the darn thing up. Rather than just rip into the box with my teeth like I normally do, it was suggested that perhaps I should open the box like a civilized human being and share the unboxing experience with you, our beloved readers.

Check out our gallery to see the Nuvi 1690 unboxed.