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Uber teams up with GM's Maven for car-sharing rental option

Uber drivers will be able to lease Maven vehicles on a per-week basis.

Well of course your ride from Maven is going to have a sticker on it.
General Motors

Uber and General Motors are teaming up to offer vehicle leases for Uber drivers on a weekly basis, as part of GM's Maven car-sharing program.

The program will start as a 90-day pilot in San Francisco. It will be part of Uber's Vehicle Solutions program, which offers drivers access to vehicles on a more flexible basis than, say, buying a car. Maven will own the cars, which will be set up at a designated location. The lineup will include the Chevrolet Cruze, Malibu and Trax.

Maven will offer weekly leasing programs starting at $179 per week. That cost includes insurance, but it includes neither taxes nor associated fees. This should improve potential Uber drivers' access to vehicles without tethering them to car notes that span years. Even better, if the driver uses his or her car for personal use, that price won't change.

A program of this sort is not out of the ordinary for Uber. Back in May, the ride-sharing company buddied up with Toyota, which offered Uber drivers flexible lease periods and the ability to pay for a car's lease through Uber earnings. It's unclear when Uber's Maven partnership will leave the pilot phase and roll out to additional markets.

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