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Your Uber may soon feature video ads atop the car

The company has partnered with Adomni to start running digital ads via signage on top of Uber ride hailing vehicles.

Beep beep, more ads coming your way.

Uber vehicles may soon look a lot more like a traditional taxi as the company will partner with Adomni for digital advertisements placed atop vehicles part of the ride-hailing service.

AdWeek first reported the news on Monday, and it closely follows news Lyft had purchased a startup by the name of Halo Cars for its own digital ad endeavors. 

Uber didn't immediately respond to a request for comment, but according to the report, the company and its new partner will begin to roll out advertisements the second quarter of this year. Drivers will receive $300 to install the ad display and to start, earn $100 each week they operate with the ads running for at least 20 hours. After April 1, pay will switch to an hourly system for drivers running the ads.

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The new addition to Uber cars will start with 1,000 cars next month in three cities: Atlanta, Dallas and Phoenix. For companies itching to put ads on an Uber vehicle, they'll work with a new Uber Out of House unit within the company, powered by the Adomni partnership.

The ads fixed on top of the ride-sharing vehicles could be a massive revenue stream, and a much needed one. The company still hasn't turned a profit, though in its fourth quarter earnings, the ride-hailing giant said it could turn a profit as soon as the end of this year.