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Uber may ban Australian riders with ratings below 4 stars

Starting Sept. 19, Uber reserves the right to stop you from using its service if you're a pretty terrible passenger.

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Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto/Getty Images

According to new guidelines being put in place Sept. 19, Uber riders in Australia and New Zealand who regularly receive low ratings risk being banned from using the service.

"If your average rating is below the city minimum after multiple notifications, your Uber account may be deactivated," state the guidelines.

Uber will, however, "alert" users when they're approaching that minimum.

So what is that minimum?

Susan Anderson, Uber's regional general manager for Australia and New Zealand, told Fairfax that the Australian minimum is four stars. CNET later confirmed this with Uber locally.

Which seems fairly intense, but most riders rate in the mid fours and above. Uber told CNET a ban would only occur after "several notifications have been provided". Riders will be sent advice on how to increase their rating, but risk being banned if the situation doesn't improve.

In a blog post explaining the changes, Uber said this was "a vital step in maintaining an enjoyable experience for both riders and driver-partners on the app, and fostering an environment of mutual respect."