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Uber introduces upfront pricing because math is for nerds



Now, instead of being repulsed by the surge-pricing multiplier being added to your trip, you can be repulsed by the whole cost of the ride!


Uber's surge pricing ticks people off in a few different ways. Namely, it exists in the first place, and you're often forced to do mental math to figure out how much lighter your wallet will be after the ride. Uber won't do anything about the former, but it's finally done something about the latter with its new upfront pricing.

Instead of being visually assaulted with multipliers and lightning bolts during surge pricing, you'll now be able to see the actual fare before requesting a ride. Uber started rolling this out under its UberPool carpooling scheme, before slowly introducing it to UberX and the rest of the app.

Upfront pricing is only available in the US and India at the moment, per Uber's press release. The ridesharing giant promises to expand this feature to additional markets, though, but it's unclear when that will happen. The upfront fares are calculated by taking into account multiple factors, including traffic, general Uber usage in the area, and the time and distance of the ride.

Uber's been sending out email blasts regarding its upfront pricing today, despite the rollout starting back in June. Not sure why that is, but even if it didn't once again pimp its upfront pricing scheme, Uber's had a hell of a day. Specifically, it announced a partnership with Volvo that would put autonomous vehicles on roads in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as early as the end of this month. The autonomous Uber rides will have the easiest time laying out pricing, because they'll be absolutely free, albeit dispensed out at random.

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