Uber Eats Accepts Orders From Google Assistant, Makes Robotic Deliveries

Uber's food delivery app now offers new ways (and new places) for customers to order meals and snacks.

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serve street bot, four-wheeled robot with yellow and black paint, big googly eyes
Enlarge Image
serve street bot, four-wheeled robot with yellow and black paint, big googly eyes

Autonomous bots like this will make Uber Eats deliveries as part of a pilot program in partnership with Serve Robotics.

Uber, Serve Robotics

Alongside a wave of updates to its ridesharing service, Uber announced new features and services coming to the Uber Eats during its second annual Go/Get 2022 product event livestream. Voice ordering, in-venue ordering and pilot autonomous deliveries will make ordering food from the delivery app more convenient (and more interesting) over the coming year.

Uber is launching two autonomous delivery pilot programs in California. In West Hollywood, Serve Robotics and Uber Eats will offer short-range, contact-free deliveries with sidewalk robots. In the Santa Monica area, autonomous vehicles built by Motional will deliver bites to hungry customers.

motional-robotaxi based on the Hyundai Ioniq 5

Motional's autonomous test vehicles, like this one based on the Hyundai Ioniq 5, will aid in deliveries in the Los Angeles area.

Uber, Motional

A new integration with Google Assistant enables Uber Eats users to order food via voice command. After calling up the digital voice assistant with an "OK Google," diners can order meals from restaurants just by asking. Initially, Voice ordering in the app will be supported  globally in English, but Uber says it's working to bring more languages to the service this year.

Finally, users can also now use Uber Eats to skip the line when ordering food at sporting events with the new in-venue ordering feature. From the Uber Eats or Postmates apps, users will be able to choose from venue concessions, order and pick up their food -- or alcoholic beverages and souvenirs, in select venues -- when ready. The apps use precise location information to know where the user is in the stadium, so it won't send you halfway around the park for your hot dog.

Uber Eats app with autonomous delivery options and map displayed
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Uber Eats app with autonomous delivery options and map displayed

In areas where autonomous delivery is available, the Uber Eats app will allow users to monitor and unlock the delivery vehicle.


In-venue ordering is currently supported at Dodger Stadium and Angel Stadium in Los Angeles, California; Yankee Stadium in Bronx, New York; Capital One Arena in Washington, DC; Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas; PayPal Park in San Jose, California; and Roazhon Park in Rennes, France. Uber says more global venues will be added in the future.