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UAW and GM reach proposed tentative agreement to end strike

Until a meeting on Thursday, however, the strike will continue.

UAW GM Strike
We may be close to the end of the longest strike against GM since 1970.
SOPA Images/Getty Images

After a month of negotiations, the United Auto Workers union and General Motors have reached a proposed tentative agreement.

In a Wednesday news release, the UAW confirmed it agreed to a tentative labor contract with the automaker. Following a green light from elected negotiators working on the proposal, the UAW GM National Council will vote on Thursday to determine whether union officials will recommend the agreement for a full UAW-GM membership vote. 

Details regarding the tentative agreement were not included in the UAW announcement and General Motors told Roadshow in a statement that details of the proposed tentative agreement will be provided "at the appropriate time."

It's important to note the strike is not over just yet. Until the UAW GM National Council votes to approve the tentative agreement, workers will remain on the picket line. Aside from bringing the tentative agreement to a vote for approval at the Council meeting, the group will also decide whether the strike will cease upon its initial approval. Otherwise, workers will remain on strike until the union fully ratifies the proposed labor agreement.

If the Council votes to approve this proposal, it will then become an official tentative agreement and give workers a locked-in option to vote on in the near future. Keeping in mind what the UAW pushed for during negotiations, we'll likely see key pillars of this tentative agreement surround the future of temporary workers, profit sharing and potential solutions for idled production plans in the U.S.

The strike has, so far, lasted 31 days and become the longest national strike against GM since 1970.

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