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Two LFs: Lexus concept cars

Lexus shows off the LF-Xh and the LF-A concept cars at the 2007 Tokyo auto show.

The Lexus LF-Xh concept
The Lexus LF-Xh concept CNET Networks

Lexus kept its floor area at the 2007 Tokyo auto show fairly clear, letting the cars speak for themselves as it were. And the two Lexus concepts, the LF-Xh and the LF-A, certainly had a lot to say. The LF-Xh is a continuation of the trend for road-going, SUV-bodied cars that stress performance, like the BMW X6 conceptwe saw at the Frankfurt auto show earlier this year. The LF-Xh looks like a squashed RX 400h, and that squashing made it angry. Note the "h" on "Xh"--it denotes that the concept is a hybrid, using Lexus' version of Toyota's Synergy hybrid system mated to a V-6.

The Lexus LF-A concept
The Lexus LF-A concept CNET Networks

The LF-A looks even meaner, its many air scoops surrounded by sharp edges. The even sharper protrusions where side mirrors should be house rearview cameras. Lexus specifies a V-10 under the hood, so this car won't be big on fuel economy. We got a look in the cabin and noticed paddle-shifters, so we assume the LF-A would use an automatic transmission, although Lexus' press materials are quiet on that matter.