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Tuners embrace Hyundai Genesis at SEMA

Last year, Hyundai was all about its Genesis at the SEMA Show. This year, however, is the Genesis Coupe's time to shine.

GReddy Genesis Coupe
The GReddy Genesis Coupe is pretty heavily tuned and it wasn't even the craziest Coupe at Hyundai's booth. Hyundai

Last year, Hyundai was all about the Genesis sedan at the 2008 SEMA Show. For 2009, the newer and sportier Genesis Coupe steps to the forefront for its share of the spotlight. Hyundai had no fewer than four Coupes in its booth and there were dozens more scattered across the rest of the show floor. If that's not enough to convince your that Hyundai's got a hit on its hands, we're not sure what will.

Among Hyundai's offerings were the wild midengine V-8 RM460 Genesis Coupe and the mild Hennessey Tuning School Coupe. Also in the mix was Hyundai's Genesis Coupe 2.0T R-Spec, which we've already taken a look at, and a Genesis sedan that received custom hand painted graphics live during the show.

Check out our photos of Hyundai's assortment of Geneses for even more details.