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TRW Automotive Holdings Corp.

TRW to make electric power-steering systems for Asian market

TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. said it will start production of Electric Power Steering from its facilities in Anting, China.

TRW will produce its advanced, fuel-saving Column Drive Electric Power Steering system in Anting, China. TRW Automotive Holdings Corp.

Ford Motor Company and Mazda are getting a boost in the Asian market with production of electric power-steering systems (EPS) from TRW in China.

TRW announced Tuesday it will add production equipment and manufacturing space, over the next 18 months, to its facilities in Anting, China.

"Electric Steering is a rapidly growing technology globally due to the many advantages it can provide," said Peter Lake, executive vice president, sales and business development for TRW. "Creating a regional production base for our Asian customers will provide a cost-effective source for these fuel-saving and emission-reducing technologies as we expand the footprint of EPS for the production of global platforms and for domestic customers."

TRW will install lines to produce the mechanical gear, column power head assembly, and the electronic control unit to localize column drive EPS for the Asian market. Line capacity is expected to be in the range of 450,000 units annually. The company will add 170 employees, including engineers and other support personnel.

"The expansion of Electric Steering into Asia continues our efforts to bring all of TRW's highly sophisticated product offerings to China and the wider Asia Pacific region," said Nancy Gougarty, vice president of operations, Asia Pacific, TRW Automotive. "As part of locating EPS here, we will build an efficient and well-developed supply base to deliver cost improvements--essential to competitiveness and customer service. And electric steering has been recognized for its capability to help contribute to the environmental improvement efforts here."