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Watch a single truck frame hold 60,000 pounds while dangling from a crane

There's also a dump truck involved, in case you were on the fence about watching.

When you've unveiled a product well ahead of its actual release, one way to keep the hype train rolling down the tracks is a series of clever marketing stunts (or, if you're Acura, Super Bowl commercials). Some err on the side of pandering, and others are actually interesting to watch. This one falls firmly on the latter side.

Or, rather, the ladder side -- ladder frame, that is. To show off the rigidity of its new 2017 Super Duty's frame, Ford, with a little help from the host of ESPN's Sport Science, suspended the frame from a crane and proceeded to hook up 60,000 pounds' worth of other Ford trucks to it.

The cherry on that upside-down sundae is the F-750 Tonka dump truck, for no reason we can surmise other than it was cool and its heft prevented the automaker from having to add several other pickups to the mix. Marketing budgets aren't infinite, folks.

If you're wondering how the stunt was pulled off, there's also a behind-the-scenes video available to watch. Spoiler alert: It involves a bit of physics (load distribution, mostly) and plenty of rigging.