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Traxxas TORC Racing

In today's look at the many forms of racing ordained by the United States Auto Club, we check out a promo video for Traxxas TORC, the Off Road Championship Series.


So far this week we've enjoyed fun and breezy racing in the form of midget and quarter midget car racing. Now it's time to get a little dirty. In fact, you can't get much dirtier than yet another division of the USAC racing spectrum, the Traxxas TORC Off Road Championship Series.

The Traxxas TORC Series is short-course racing on all natural terrain: dirt, gravel, mud, and everything in between. What sets this race apart from other forms of off-road racing is the tough 4X4 trucks these guys push around; these bad boys can fly like dirt bikes and can do the push-and-shove of motorcross and other racing styles. This sport seems to embrace a younger, hip, edgy style much like that of the X Games or UFC: this ain't your granddad's car race.

But don't take it from me. This video puts you right up front as the tires spin and the dirt flies against the body panel. In fact, this video was put together by Traxxas TORC and features interviews with drivers and crew who know firsthand what this off-road race is all about: bumpin' fenders, jumping hills, and making a mess all in the name of motorsport racing competition. And it sure looks fun, doesn't it?