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Travis Scott's new Franchise music video has a ton of rad cars

The song features Young Thug and M.I.A., and the video will be played in IMAX theaters before showings of Christopher Nolan's Tenet.

Rap superstar Travis Scott on Thursday released his new song Franchise, which features Young Thug and M.I.A., and it's a certified banger. But we're here to talk about the surreal, probably not-safe-for-Zoom-school music video that also dropped, because there are some seriously awesome cars in it.

Directed by Travis Scott himself (and shot on film!), the video starts with vintage footage of basketball legend Michael Jordan leaving his mansion in a bright red second-generation Range Rover. The Range Rover has sweet three-spoke wheels and the Illinois vanity plate "TWO TREY," a reference to his jersey number of 23.

Travis Scott/YouTube

Then we jump into the video itself, with the first shot being of a stanced first-gen Acura NSX leading a convoy of other drift-ready cars through the gates of Jordan's mansion. (The gates have the number 23 on them, of course.) Well, I say Acura NSX, but the car in question is actually a Honda NSX, as it's a right-hand-drive import from Japan. You can check out the owner's Instagram to see how the car has evolved since he originally got it.


This lineup is what my dreams are made of.

Travis Scott/YouTube

Other cars in the convoy that park in the mansion's driveway include multiple S13 Nissan Silvias (known as the 240SX in the US) and an R32 Nissan Skyline sedan in hot pink metal flake paint. There's also a shot that shows the Skyline's tailgate with a matching, glittery, pink-and-blue-flame racing helmet. The NSX and the yellow S13 later show up in a scene where Scott and Young Thug are playing golf.


Who among us hasn't done this?

Travis Scott/YouTube

My favorite shot in the video is during Young Thug's verse. It starts off in close up on his face before zooming out to reveal a heavily modified X80-gen Toyota Cressida that's got parts from the Japanese Mark II model. As the camera zooms out it's revealed that the car is floating in the air. And it's got green underglow. Told you the video was surreal!

While M.I.A.'s section near the end of the video doesn't have any cars in it -- just a whole lot of sheep and a really cool outfit -- I'd be remiss not to mention that her song Bad Girls is no question the best car-related music video of all time. She does dance in front of a cool Airstream trailer in this video, though.

The music video has earned the approval of none other than Christopher Nolan. Scott announced that the Franchise video will play ahead of Nolan's new movie Tenet in IMAX theaters worldwide, and he tweeted out a letter that Nolan wrote to him. This is an extension of their existing collaboration; Tenet uses a new song called The Plan that Scott wrote and recorded specifically for the hit movie.

It's no surprise that Scott would have great cars in his video, because he's a pretty big auto enthusiast. He personally owns a Bugatti Chiron, a Ferrari LaFerrari, a Lamborghini Aventador SV and even a Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet. (The last two cars are wrapped in matte brown, which I personally love.) At the end of December he put out a compilation album through his JackBoys record label, and the video for the lead single Gang Gang featured a rally-prepped BMW E30 M3, a tuned Mazda RX-7, and Tesla's Cybertruck and Cyberquad, among other great cars.