Toys R Us pulls Tonka ride-on from shelves after one started a giant fire

"Fire for no reason" seems like a good reason to stop people from buying something.

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok

Spontaneous fires don't bode well for product launches -- ask Samsung. That's why Toys R Us pulled a ride-on dump truck from its shelves, after one turned a pickup truck bed into an ersatz fire pit.

Toys R Us stopped selling the Dynacraft 12V Tonka Mighty Dump Truck after one started on fire in a buyer's pickup truck bed. The ride-on (not everything is a Power Wheels) used a 12-volt battery to produce 45 minutes of electric run time, with a 4 mph top speed and an 8-hour charge time.

The company told NBC News that the stop-sale was done out of an abundance of caution, and not because there's some eerie trend where children's toys start on fire. There's no recall yet, but an investigation is underway. It can still be found on Dynacraft's website, but on the Toys R Us site. And the same week as Black Friday, no less. Talk about some bad timing.