Toyota Safe and Sound app threatens teen drivers with parents' music

Mom and Dad can now weaponize their taste in music to keep their teen drivers at the speed limit.

Donovan Farnham Social Media Editor / Roadshow
Toyota Safe & Sound app logo

"Safe & Sound," or cruel and unusual punishment?


Mom and Dad have a new tool for keeping their teen drivers safe: embarrassing music.

According to Advertising Age, Toyota's new app, Safe & Sound, will let parents hijack teens' Spotify listening with music of their choosing if any one of a host of dangerous driving habits is detected. 

If the young driver picks up a phone with this app installed or inches over the speed limit, Safe & Sound will cut the music and start blasting whatever Spotify playlist the parents have set up as punishment. (I'm imagining ABBA and the Australian didgeridoo played over a chorus of howler monkeys.)

Once little Jane or Jimmy puts down the phone and Google Maps' API detects that the speed has been reduced to legal compliance, the app will return to whatever Spotify playlist was initially set.

Unfortunately, Safe & Sound is only available on Android devices, but it'll work with other cars besides Toyotas, too.