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Toyota's reprieve: Prius

Toyota's name may be in the gutter, but the Prius just might be its saving grace. Today's video goes into the many reasons why.

Last week, Toyota released a new set of commercials in which the Asian manufacturer tries to implore car buyers to remain loyal to the brand despite its recent faulty accelerators recall. People inside and outside the auto industry are criticizing Toyota for its hard sell in the wake of such a major boo-boo; however, I guess we'll see if Toyota can pull a Tim Gunn and "make it work, make it work."

In the meantime, I think Toyota should be putting the spotlight on its arguably most recent, notable, and successful product: the Prius. I'm sure many of you already are hip to the trend-setting hybrid, but maybe you don't know all of the reasons why the new generation of Prius is so kick-ass. That's what today's video is aiming to show. Yeah, I know the host is a little over zealous on selling this car to the point where you'd think he was pimpin' a Ferrari. However, he still explains why the Prius' aerodynamic design helps it get up to 68 miles per gallon as well as the benefits of its solar fan top, among other notable features. All things considered, the Toyota Prius is definitely an elite vehicle in world of hybrid cars, and the proof is in the pudding.