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Toyota Venza recalled for malfunctioning airbags

Not the new Venza, but the OG Venza.

2013 Toyota Venza
No one wants a bad airbag.

Toyota needs to see 279,040 Venza crossovers back at a dealership for airbag woes. On Thursday, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published documents Toyota filed for a new recall on 2009-2015 Venza crossovers. No, this is not the latest midsize Venza SUV, but the odd, wagon-like crossover Toyota sold for years.

According to the filing, damaged wires may keep the side-curtain airbags from deploying in the event of a crash, which increases the risk of injury to occupants. The problem has to do with regular use of the front doors and a certain wiring harness only the Venza used during its time in production. Toyota estimates around 1% of the recalled cars feature the defect. The automaker is not aware of any injuries related to the problem. If an owner notices an SRS airbag light flick on the dashboard, it's a good sign the Venza's experiencing the problem.

To fix the issue, a technician will inspect, and if needed, replace the driver-side door's wire harness. All work will be completed free of charge, and for any owner who already had the issue taken care of, the work is eligible for reimbursement. As for owners, notices will begin to mail out at the end of May.