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Toyota uses 7 sumo wrestlers to explain its safety systems

It's certainly the most novel approach we've seen.

If you want people to pay attention to something, it never hurts to get a little weird with it. That's the approach Toyota is taking in the video below, which it's using in Japan to better explain parts of its Toyota Safety Sense suite of active safety systems.

In the video, seven sumo wrestlers traipse around Los Angeles, encountering random situations and likening them to said systems. Forward-collision warning and automated braking, lane-departure mitigation, adaptive cruise control and automatic high-beam activation are all included in this video, along with the idea that at least one of these systems will make you a more considerate individual. At the end, a 2016 Toyota Prius gives you a slightly better idea of what those systems are actually designed to do.

On a related note, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) points out that one of these systems -- forward-collision warning with automated braking -- will cut down considerably the number of roadway accidents. Silly humor for a good cause? We're all over that.