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Toyota recalls 184,000 Tundra pickups for dim blinkers

If the blinkers aren't bright enough, other drivers may fail to notice a turn signal, which increases the risk of a crash.

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Emme Hall/Roadshow

Toyota Tundra owners will need to keep an eye out for a new recall notice after the automaker said nearly 200,000 of the pickup trucks need to head back to the dealership.

In documents the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published last Wednesday, Toyota said 183,397 2018-2020 Tundra pickups could house a wiring error that will create dimly lit blinkers. This error may also produce dim hazard lights when drivers activate them.

Improper illumination means the pickups fail to comply with federal vehicle standards, and NHTSA said other drivers may not see the turn signal or hazards active, which increases the risk of a crash.

The simple fix will require owners to take their Tundra to a dealer where a technician will modify the wiring harness connected to the turn signal bulbs. All work will be free of charge.

Notices should start mailing out to owners around Sept. 13.

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