2022 Toyota Tundra, Lexus NX Recalled for Parking Brake Issues

Approximately 84,000 vehicles are part of this recall.

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Andrew Krok

Mo' electronics, mo' problems.


While there's nothing quite as satisfying as pulling a console-mounted mechanical handbrake or pressing down on a floor-mounted one, most modern vehicles have moved to electronic parking brakes activated via cabin switches. That frees up a lot of space for interior designers to work with, but it doesn't make it problem-free.

Toyota and Lexus have issued a recall for approximate 84,000 vehicles. This recall covers both the 2022 Toyota Tundra pickup and the 2022 Lexus NX250 and NX350 compact SUVs. At the moment, it's unclear if the recalled vehicles have sequential VINs or build dates.

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The problem stems from the electronic parking brake. According to Toyota's press release (the official Part 573 Safety Recall Report has yet to be posted to NHTSA's website), the electronic parking brake may not engage in the aforementioned vehicles. A parking brake that cannot be set violates federal regulations on parking brakes, and it could result in a vehicle rolling away, which increases the risk of a crash.

While Toyota did not mention a reason for the electronic parking brake's failure to set, it did mention that a remedy is already established. Owners will have to take their vehicle to their Toyota or Lexus dealership, where technicians will update the vehicles' skid control software, which will remedy the issue. As with all official recalls, this fix won't cost a dime. Owners will be notified via first-class mail by late October.

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