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Toyota Prius Facebook page

Toyota teases Prius people-carrier

Toyota hints at a larger version of its Toyota Prius at a 10th-anniversary event for the hybrid sedan.

Toyota's plans to expand the Prius line may begin with a small minivan.
Toyota's plans to expand the Prius line may begin with a small minivan. Toyota Prius Facebook page

Not so long after hearing of Toyota's plans to expand its hybrid offerings, we find a Toyota billboard teasing a new member of what will be its expanded line of hybrid vehicles. Displayed at a 10th-anniversary gathering of the Toyota Prius, this ad shows a new larger member of what will become a Prius subbrand.

Dubbed the Prius MPV by the denizens of the Internet, this new model will be both slightly longer and slightly taller than the standard Prius--expect a sort of tiny minivan à la Mazda Mazda5. Its roofline drops off much less aggressively, presumably to create more headroom for second-row or even third-row passengers. We don't expect to see much change in the engine room; the Prius MPV will most likely feature a power train identical to that of the Prius we all know and love. However, with more mass to haul around and a larger hole to punch in the air, we do expect the enlarged model's fuel economy to dip below the standard model's claimed 50 mpg.

With auto show season beginning to heat up (the LA and Detroit shows are just around the corner) we expect to hear more about this Prius people-mover soon.

Source: Prius Facebook, Autoblog