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Toyota teases beefy FT-AC SUV concept for LA Auto Show

Let's hope it's less of a letdown than the last FT concept.

This one has "Adventure" in the name, so that's a good start.

Toyota's FT-4X Concept from this year's New York Auto Show was, as we called it, "a bold swing and a miss." Toyota's back with another FT concept, and hopefully this one delivers.

Toyota announced Thursday that it will unveil the Future Toyota Adventure Concept, or FT-AC for short, at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show on November 30. For those of you without media badges, Toyota will livestream the reveal on the other side of this link. Festivities kick off at 9 a.m. PT, 12 p.m. ET that Thursday.

The teaser shows up what looks like some bulky fenders with LED headlights and fog lights, as well as additional LED lights on the roof. It's safe to assume that it'll be an SUV engineered to tackle some tough terrain, but we made that assumption once before and received a big bag of letdown as a result.

The same thing happened when Toyota teased the FT-4X concept earlier this year. Everyone thought it would be some big Bronco and Wrangler fighter. Instead, the public got a Millennial-friendly cute-ute with a tiny four-banger and a MacPherson front suspension setup. Let's hope this new one is closer to the FJ40 SUVs of old.