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Toyota Supra concept teased before Geneva debut

That sound you just heard was car enthusiasts around the world losing their collective mind.

Toyota hasn't even promised that it would be called Supra yet, but if it isn't, that will be one big missed opportunity.


It's been a long time since the speculation began, but it appears Toyota is finally ready to acknowledge that the Supra is coming back.

Toyota put out a quick press release late in the day on Monday with the headline, "The Legend Returns." That's promising, until you see the word "concept" shortly after that. But fear not, the release brings it all the way back around when it says this concept "signals Toyota's commitment to bring back to the market its most iconic sports car."

Toyota's clearly talking about the Supra -- sorry, Celica fans, although you can rest comfortably knowing the Supra name was first attached to a Celica. 

All we know right now comes from this teaser, which ain't much. It'll have a giant wing and a roof that looks suitable for helmets thanks to its double-bubble-like shape, but that makes sense, because Toyota bills this as a "modern racing concept." And it's important to note that this is just a concept, and a motorsport-themed one at that -- don't expect it to be a faithful preview of the production Supra, if Toyota's even going to call it that, which it hasn't promised to. So, I guess Celica fans can still hold out some hope, albeit not much.

No matter what, we'll know more when Toyota pulls back the curtain at the Geneva Motor Show -- more specifically, Mar. 6 at 3:45 a.m. Eastern. Better set your alarms now.