Toyota teases Gazoo Racing Supra Super GT racing concept

The new car is destined for Japan's Super GT race series.

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Toyota GR Supra Super GT concept

Yet another Supra teaser, just a month away from the car's actual debut.


is milking all publicity it can out of the reintroduction of the Supra nameplate, and on Monday released a teaser photo of a new Supra race car that will debut at the Tokyo Auto Salon in January. Called the GR Supra Super GT concept, the car was built by Toyota's Gazoo Racing motorsports arm.

You may recall that Gazoo Racing showed off a racing concept version of the Supra earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show. The new concept is likely to be closer to race-ready, and has apparently been specifically designed for Japan's Super GT race series. From what we can tell from the teaser, it'll look basically like the Supra road-car prototype we already drove, albeit with a giant rear wing and likely some other aerodynamic add-ons.

Few other details were offered about the race-car concept, though Toyota says that it and Gazoo Racing use motorsports experience and testing to help with "making even better cars." The GR Supra Super GT concept will debut on Jan. 11, and Toyota also says it will use the Tokyo Auto Salon to announce the new Gazoo Racing model.

The concept's debut is only a few days before we'll see the production 2020 Toyota Supra street car at the Detroit Auto Show. The car's debut, which Toyota described as "one of the worst-kept secrets in the auto industry," will take place on Jan. 14.

Toyota Supra prototype looking trippy in camouflage

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