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Toyota Sienna leaks and it's going all hybrid

The new minivan is likely one of the two new hybrid models debuting next week.

Toyota Sienna hybrid leak
Here's a look at the Sienna before we see it on Monday, more than likely.

It looks like someone, somehow, let the hybridized cat out of the bag a bit too early. Roadshow spotted a photo presumably for a Toyota event happening this Monday, and it declares the next Sienna minivan is going all hybrid.

The photo showed up on Twitter under the "live events" section, likely ready to livestream a May 18 reveal for two new Toyota hybrid models coming next week. Perhaps the banner was intentional, but it outed the hybrid minivan. We don't get much else from the picture, but Toyota's hybrid emblem is on display along with more angular taillights for the Sienna.

Earlier this week, Toyota confirmed it had two new hybrid models joining its lineup for an event scheduled May 18, though it didn't provide any additional details or clues about what they could be. What the second vehicle is remains unclear. The Twitter livestream did not include anything else for the event just yet either.

The Toyota Sienna Hybrid will join a long list of electrified models from the Japanese automaker. The company offers the Avalon, Camry, Corolla sedan, Highlander and RAV4, along with the Prius hybrid and the Prius Prime plug-in hybrid. There's also a RAV4 Prime nearing its launch. The minivan will likely benefit from the same hybrid system the RAV4 employs, but we'll have to wait until Monday for the final details. And barring any more leaks, we'll see the second hybrid model Toyota has planned. Stay tuned.

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