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David Brumley

Toyota recalls 73,000 Tundra pickups for chintzy bumper steps

Because falling is never fun.

No matter how random a problem might seem, if it's capable of causing injury to the owner, it deserves a recall. That's the case with Toyota's latest recall for the Tundra.

Toyota issued a recall for roughly 73,000 examples of the 2016 and 2017 Toyota Tundra pickup truck. All affected models are equipped with resin rear bumper steps and resin reinforcement brackets on each corner of the bumper.

In the meantime, watch your step!

Emme Hall/Roadshow

The problem lies in the resin itself. If a Tundra is involved in a collision that affects a corner of the rear bumper, it may damage the resin reinforcement bracket without the owner's knowledge. The next time somebody steps on that corner of the bumper, part of it may break, which increases the chance of injury. And there aren't any "soft" parts back there.

In order to remedy the issue, Toyota will replace the resin reinforcement brackets with steel ones. The rear bumper tread covers will also be replaced. The steel bracket should eliminate the issue.

Toyota says affected owners will receive notifications by first-class mail starting in the middle of February, so the recall should start some time after that.