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Toyota recalls 19,000 Avensis and Lexus IS 250 cars in the UK

Toyota is to recall almost 19,000 cars in the UK over because of faulty fuel systems. The recall will affect 15,000 Toyota Avensis models and 3,100 Lexus IS 250s.

Toyota is to recall more than 18,000 cars in the UK because of faulty fuel systems. The recall will affect 15,000 2-litre and 2.4-litre Toyota Avensis models built between July 2000 and September 2008, along with 3,100 Lexus IS 250 petrol cars produced between August 2007 and February 2009.

Toyota says the affected cars are susceptible to a range of flaws that could cause fuel leaks. The Avensis is affected by a "potential insufficient tightening" of its fuel-pump check valve and is susceptible to small cracks appearing in its fuel pipe after "a long period of time".

The Lexus IS 250, meanwhile, suffers insufficient tightening of its fuel-pressure sensor, which could loosen, causing a leak. Sounds embarrassing.

The company claims there have been no customer complaints or accidents related to these defects, but recommends owners of affected vehicles take their cars to a Toyota-authorised repair centre to have the problems remedied.

Toyota is working with the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) to identify and contact registered owners of affected vehicles by letter, in order to provide guidance on getting free repairs.

Jon Williams, managing director of Toyota GB, said, "We are committed to putting the customer first and have a total focus on the quality of all our products. We will liaise with our customers to carry out the repair procedures as efficiently as possible, with minimal disruption."

This isn't the first time Toyota has recalled vehicles over quality-control issues. In September 2009, the company announced a recall of almost 4 million vehicles over fears their accelerator pedals could become trapped under floor mats, which would result in difficulty braking.

And in February last year, the company initiated a global recall of all its third-generation Prius cars manufactured before 27 January 2010 over faulty brakes.