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Toyota Prius' Pre-Collision System

Today's video blog breaks down the benefits of the Pre-Collision system in the Toyota Prius and how it works.

Sometimes it's handy to have an extra pair of eyes to keep you that safe when you're out driving--a copilot, if you will. Toyota apparently agrees with such a philosophy, and offers a Pre-Collision System (PCS) in the Prius brand that serves as a virtual copilot while driving this groundbreaking hybrid. And that's what today's video is all about.

The Pre-Collision System on the Toyota Prius works in conjunction with its dynamic cruise control by scanning ahead of the vehicle for other vehicles. If you punch the brakes suddenly the sensors will pick up on this and implement emergency braking assistance, as well tighten up your seatbelt. If you're in danger of a crash, the brake assist function will do the braking for you if for some reason you're not hitting the brakes yourself. (I don't recommend trying this one at home, folks.) Yep, the Toyota Prius and its PCS are a great merging of safety and intelligent car technology--yet another impressive reason why the Prius is king of the hybrids.