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Toyota Prius scores best gas mileage of any car Consumer Reports has ever tested

Toyota's new-generation Prius has recorded a record-setting 52 mpg on the magazine's test loop.

2016 Toyota Prius four
Antuan Goodwin/Roadshow

When Roadshow's Antuan Goodwin recently spent a week reviewing the latest Toyota Prius, he had three key takeaways:

  1. The new-for-2016 model is Ugly with a capital "U."
  2. The Prius is much more enjoyable to drive than its predecessor.
  3. The new model sips gas like no other hybrid without a plug -- he registered a sparkling 59 miles per gallon for the week, better than the car's official ratings of 58 mpg city and 53 mpg highway.

It would appear that our man Goodwin is in good company, as the Toyota Prius has just netted the best gas mileage of any car in Consumer Reports' history. The influential product testing magazine netted 52 mpg overall on its test cycle, a huge improvement over the last generation's already parsimonious 44 mpg.

In fact, that record-setting figure is even better than the original Honda Insight, a much smaller, slipstream-shaped two-seater that netted the publication 50 mpg back in the year 2000.

Of course, some cars with plugs may get better miles-per-gallon equivalent (MPGe), but this result is still a hugely impressive showing for the Toyota redesign.

The fourth-generation Prius isn't just more efficient than its forbearer, it's easier to live with thanks to its improved handling dynamics and updated interior with improved tech.

If you're a new Toyota Prius owner, it appears that even if you can't outrun ugly, you can outdistance it -- one mile per gallon at a time.