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Toyota's plans for Frankfurt go big and small at the same time

Whether you're after a hulking mass or hybrid cute-ute, Toyota will have something for you.

Toyota's status as a full-line automaker means it builds vehicles of all shapes and sizes. The full breadth of Toyota's handiwork will be on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, and it's got plenty of new stuff to tout.

There are two major unveils set for Toyota's display in Frankfurt. The first is an all-new Land Cruiser, the largest SUV that Toyota makes. This rugged, near-six-figure behemoth is comfortable on the road and capable once the vehicle heads off the beaten path.

The current model is rather old, though -- even though it was given a light redesign in 2016, its underlying structure is nearly a decade old, and its features lag behind less expensive competitors like GM's full-size SUV lineup.

Toyota's C-HR Hy-Power teaser tells us that... um... it will have a bumper. 


Toyota's other major debut in Frankfurt will be the C-HR Hy-Power concept. Designed by Toyota's European studio, this concept promises an emphasis on "the new crossover's emotional and powerful look." It will also preview an expansion of Toyota's hybrid powertrain. That likely alludes to a plug-in hybrid system, as a standard hybrid version of the C-HR crossover is already sold in Europe.

Whether big or small, Toyota's got something for you in Frankfurt. We'll be on the ground during the press days on September 12 and 13, so keep your eyes peeled for more information on both the aforementioned models.