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Toyota partnering with Yamaha on iQ

Ultracompact car to have motorcycle guts, but probably no U.S. distribution.


Where do you draw the line between a motorcycle and a car?

Toyota's iQ Concept, a concept car that debuted in Frankfurt and will be at the 2007 Tokyo auto show, might be better suited for the next rally in Sturgis, SD.

Toyota iQ
The iQ from Toyota.

Toyota is in collaboration with two Japanese companies to develop a 1-liter engine for the iQ that will be based on a Yamaha motorcycle engine, according to reports from Auto Blog and Automotive News Europe.

Toyota plans to produce about 80,000 iQ cars for Europe by 2009 and possibly more for the Indian and Chinese markets. But don't expect to see it in the U.S. anytime soon and probably for good reason.

The ultracompact is roughly as wide as a Mini Cooper, but almost one foot shorter. It holds about three adults and "one child (or luggage)," comfortably, according to Toyota.