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Toyota is the most Googled car brand in the world, BMW a close second

Sure, makes sense, it's one of the world's top-selling automakers.

Andrew Krok/Roadshow

Toyota is locked in a battle for global sales dominance with Volkswagen, but when it comes to Google searches, Toyota reigns supreme.

A new study compiled by Quickco, a car parts company, shows that Toyota is the most Googled brand in the world. It was the top automaker search term in 74 different countries, including the US, China and Australia. BMW came in second with 51 countries, and Hyundai held onto third with 17 countries.

Hope you've boned up on your geography!


As evidenced by the recently coined verb being tossed around, this study looked only into Google searches, so that should be taken into account. Not every country counts Google as its most popular search engine, including large ones such as Russia and China, so this is hardly the most scientific study out there.

Nevertheless, it provides some interesting insights. Most notably, it shows that popularity isn't always based on country of origin. The US doesn't have Chevrolet on top, nor does South Korea have Hyundai. Only four countries tout hometown favorites -- Germany and BMW, France and Renault, Sweden and Volvo, and Italy and Fiat.

Chevrolet actually proved most popular in Mexico and parts of South America. BMW's dominance stretches into Asia and North Africa. Honda's reign covers Canada, Brazil and a good chunk of South East Asia. And just a single country -- Niger -- has a supercar manufacturer on top (Bugatti).