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Toyota La-Z-Boy concept

Toyota shows off its FT-MV concept at the 2007 Tokyo auto show.

Backseats of the FT-MV concept
The backseats of the FT-MV are very comfortable. CNET Networks

Well, it's really called the FT-MV, and it's Toyota's look at the future of minivans. Normally we don't get excited about minivans, but those big back seats hooked us. The rear seats have power-adjustable ottomans, something we've only seen before in very expensive luxury sedans, such as the Lexus LS 600h. Toyota's press materials suggest this is the car to get when you're all grown up and want to provide your family with comfort equivalent to "a resort-hotel suite." But since we're not feeling all that grown-up, we'd take the FT-MV with a chauffeur, a big-screen TV in the back, and some nice microbrew.

The Toyota FT-MV minivan concept
The Toyota FT-MV minivan concept CNET Networks