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Toyota wants cars all over the world to join hands

Vehicle connection on a global scale is all but inevitable, but Toyota, in partnership with Japanese carrier KDDI, wants to roll it out by 2020.

Data goes in, data goes out. You can't explain that.


A couple dozen years from now, we'll be looking at our network of globally connected mobility devices (who knows if they'll call 'em cars) and wonder how we ever made do in such primitive times as these. But the future is still a ways off. Hell, we don't even have a singular vehicle communications platform deployed across the globe. Thankfully, Toyota's working on exactly that.

In collaboration with KDDI, a Japanese cellular carrier, Toyota is working to establish a global network of connected cars using existing communication networks. To make this happen, Toyota is rolling out a data communications module (DCM) that will work on cars in completely different markets. The hope is to have these DCMs installed in most Toyota and Lexus vehicles by 2020 -- in Japan and the US, at least.

The cars will automatically connect with local carriers, no matter where the car is. All of those cars will be able to beam data to Toyota. While it could eventually create a worldwide network of connected cars, its initial use will be for collecting data and improving research and development with said data.

"Communications technology is essential to enhance vehicle connectivity and Toyota has been making efforts in this field for years," said Shigeki Tomoyama, a senior officer at Toyota, in a statement. "The joint establishment of this global communications platform with KDDI will help us offer a more stable and higher quality connectivity service to customers all over the world."