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Toyota i-TRIL concept hits the high notes at Geneva

It's electric, capable of autonomous driving and seats three. Sounds like a concept to me.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET
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It seems Europe gets all the cool concept cars and this year's Geneva Motor Show is no exception.

Toyota has just given us the i-TRIL, which hints at what it thinks the suburbanites of 2030 will be driving. Surprise, it's electric and capable of autonomous driving.

This ultra-maneuverable concept is powered by an electric motor, pushing all of its power to the rear wheels. Toyota says it expects a range of about 124 miles between charges. The company claims that the vehicle may not be fast, but it will be fun. As such, the concept incorporates the Active Lean technology first seen on its i-Road concept.

You've got to love funky little pod things.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

The front wheels can lean up to 10 degrees while the rear wheels remain perpendicular to the road. Combine that geometry with a front wheel steering angle of 25 degrees, and you've got a little runabout that promises to whip around corners.

In the cabin, there are no gauges or even pedals. Instead, all necessary information is projected onto a head-up display, and the hand controls manipulate the throttle and brakes. The i-TRIL is also capable of driving autonomously.

The interior is made from recycled materials and looks quite homey, with a wood floor finish, Alcantara trim and a fabric rear bench seat.

Like many concepts, the chances of the i-TRIL going into production are slim, but it's possible some of this tech may find its its way into Toyota vehicles headed for showrooms down the road.