The Toyota GR Supra 3000GT concept reimagines a classic TRD creation for SEMA

The crazy wing and widebody kit hark back to the MKIV Supra's TRD3000GT special edition.

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Back in 1994, Customizing & Development division (TCD for short) created a special edition of the Mk 4 to celebrate that car's success in JGTC racing. Called the TRD3000GT, it was produced in very limited numbers and received an awesome widebody kit, a huge rear wing and iconic triangular hood vents that became a staple on modified Supras. Toyota and TCD are hoping to recapture that model's spirit with a concept for this year's SEMA show based on the all-new 2020 Supra.

Aptly named the GR Supra 3000GT, this one-off has a widebody kit directly inspired by the 1994 car's that was also developed by the TCD division. The first thing you'll probably notice is the wing, which is nearly identical in shape to the original's. The hood vents are extremely similar, too. The wider body is thanks to a set of tacked-on but well-integrated fender flares, and large vents aft of the front wheels are new and seem to be actually functional.

The 3000GT also gets a unique front bumper, a carbon-fiber cover for the Supra's nonfunctional door vent, new side skirts and a rear bumper with an aggressive diffuser and side panels. Toyota says that the new kit, hood vents and wing have "optimal aerodynamics," but makes no claims as to any performance metrics. The whole car was wrapped in a brushed silver color with gold accents, and there are the requisite sponsor stickers on the doors and rear quarter panels.


The 3000GT's big wing was directly inspired by the 1994 TRD3000GT model.


There are other modifications that give more obvious performance benefits. 19-inch forged-aluminum wheels from TWS Motorsport are lighter and stronger than the Supra's stock wheels, and they're wrapped in sticky Toyo Proxes R888R tires. The 3000GT has been lowered on adjustable Tein coilovers, it has new Brembo GT-S Monobloc brake calipers, and an HKS exhaust system has been fitted. The black interior also gets a racey appearance thanks to a pair of FIA-approved Bride bucket seats, and because no modified Supra would be complete without a new set of speakers, there's a pair of Pioneers in the cargo area.

Toyota says that the 3000GT is just a concept, but the whole thing smacks of production intent. We wouldn't be shocked to see Toyota introduce the 3000GT as limited-production special edition just like the original that inspired it. It also wasn't the only modified Supra that Toyota is showcasing at SEMA -- there are three more, and they all have big wings, too.

The Toyota GR Supra 3000GT concept has a huge rear wing

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